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Premium cushioning material

What is Ouatbox ?

OuatBox is a high-end innovative cushioning material, made with fibers tacked which shape a sensory, eco-friendly and efficient material. This expansive wadding, made in France, certified 100% recycled and recyclable, with proven physical-mechanical properties, offers optimal protection for your products during their transport and delivery.

Ouatbox brings a different feeling to the recipient while he’s unpacking the parcel. It is lightly scented and tactile, which provides a premium atmosphere when the package is opened. This material is ideal for all cosmetic products or those with a high-end and refined positioning.

OuatBox allows visual and olfactory personalization thanks to organic essential oils. It also increases customer satisfaction.
OuatBox contributes to your reputation and your eco-friendly image.

Where does Ouatbox come from?

Ouatbox was born in France in 2018 from a general consensus: the need to rethink eco-responsibility in e-commerce and supply chain sectors. Blocbox then established itself as an economically interesting cushioning material, respectful of the products transported and the environment.

The certification labels

Ouatbox meets the requirements of the new independent labels “Protection Efficiency” and “Sustainable Sourcing”. To reach these demands, Ouatbox has been audited by an independent company which has tested its characteristics according to strict specifications.

The “Protection Efficiency” label aims to faithfully transpose the stress that parcels can undergo in a broad-spectrum of situations and according to a precise procedure.

The “Sustainable Sourcing” label controls the eco-friendly characteristics of the product, certifying that it has been designed from materials of natural origin and / or recycled ones.

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