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What is Blocbox ?

BlocBox is made with fibers tacked which shape an expansive wadding, ideal in order to fill empty spaces and protect the products during shipment. BlocBox is an economical, eco-friendly and protective material, made in France, certified 100% recycled and recyclable.

Blocbox was designed to withstand extrem conditions of vibration, shock and compression. Its physical and mechanical properties have been tested during crash tests in accordance with situations reproducing the stress parcels actually encounter during transport and delivery!

Resistant to settling and temperature variations, Blocbox guarantees you an exemplary image which will contribute to the satisfaction rate of recipients, in particular by its lightness and pleasant texture.

It reduces your litigation rate while it optimizes your operating costs!

Ouatbox matières solutions matière solution calage


What is Ouatbox ?

Ouatbox strictly respects the same specifications as Blocbox and also offers premium finish, to adapt to high-end products.

Ouatbox meets the same physical and mechanical characteristics that make the high added value of these two brands. In addition, Ouatbox guarantees an image not only exemplary but also personalized. It will allow you to be identified by consumers, as soon as the package is unpacked. It also provides it a touch of originality and softness.

Use Ouatbox means going through with a marketing process and identifying visually the packaging of your shipments, thanks to a customization under control.

Label Protection efficiency

Protection Efficiency

This certification label meets very strict specifications, in order to control the resilience and protection properties of a cushioning material against shocks. These tests reproduce the stress suffered by a parcel during its life cycle.

Label Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

This certification label guarantees the eco-friendliness of the product through its source of supply, certifying that it was designed from materials of natural origin and / or recycled materials.

Optimize your logistics and transport costs

Increase customer satisfaction rate

Increase shock resistance

Protect all types of products

Reduce your carbon footprint

Blocbox and Ouatbox come from recycled textile fibers which are then reconditioned to give them a second life.

Blocbox and Ouatbox can be found in most packaging supply online stores. You can also ask us directly for a quote: /

Simply drop them off at a textile relay station near your localization.

The premium version of Blocbox is Ouatbox. Ouatbox allows different customization options to create a premium atmosphere during unpacking process. Visit this page to find out more information.

Our customers are in the best position to talk about our products...

Because the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, we have created Blocbox and Ouatbox to be the assets to satisfy your customers.

Operating licence

Blocbox and Ouatbox are also available as an operating licence.

Do you want to produce Blocbox and / or Ouatbox and sell them abroad? * Do you like the concept and want to adapt it to your deposit? Please, contact our experts who will be able to offer you the turnkey solution according to your deposit and your economic model.

* The licence is only available abroad (outside France).

At your service

If you have any question, please contact our team who will answer you as soon as possible.

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Blocbox and Ouatbox are presented as 2 m³ * bags (2,62 cu yd), either sold individually, by pallet or by full truck. We invite you to contact us to obtain a tailor-made quote according to the desired quantities.

During the year 2021, our range of products will be supplemented by more specific and technical cushioning solutions, including in particular quilted materials. Do not hesitate to contact us now if you are interested in these products.


* expanded product at line exit before bagging

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