Licence d'exploitation

Adapter Blocbox et Ouatbox à votre modèle économique et à votre gisement

For its creation, Natural Fiber Production was supported by an expert consulting firm, which designed all the industrial engineering and accompanied the company from the search for material deposits to the after-sales service of the industrial tools installed.

The Blocbox and Ouatbox concepts can be exported in the form of a business license. Indeed, we do not want to transport the products but the concepts, in an eco-responsible and economic logic. They will adapt to the material deposits of your country.


The problem at the origin of the creation of Blocbox and Ouatbox is global, because it is linked to universal issues. The preservation of the ecosystem, the social responsibility with regard to the World that we will transmit tomorrow to our children, the need to reduce operating costs, transport and logistical costs, all this concerns everyone and each country tries to ” to contribute to the building.

This is why we designed the license, to allow you to develop the concept outside France. You will then be supported and advised by experts in the field.

Blocbox solution matière de calage protection colis parcel ouatbox matière de calage premium protection emballage envoi expédition

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