Operating licence

How to adapt Blocbox and Ouatbox to your economic model and your deposit

In order to found the Natural Fiber Production company, an engineering consultancy was asked to design all industrial engineering and advise. Their field of expertise gathers all types of skills from the search of the deposit of material to the After-Sales Service and also the set up of industrial tools.

The Blocbox and Ouatbox concepts can be exported as an operating licence. Indeed, we don’t want to carry the products but the concepts, in an eco-friendly and economical logic. They will be adapted to the matter deposits of your country.


The question at the roof of the creation of Blocbox and Ouatbox is a global one. Indeed, it is linked to universal issues. The preservation of the ecosystem, the social responsibility with regard to the World that we’ll leave behind and pass on tomorrow to our children, the need to reduce operating, transport and logistical costs… all of these concerns everyone and each country tries to contribute in its own way.

This is why we designed the licence, in order to allow you to develop the concept outside France. You will then be supported and advised by experts in the field.

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Operating licence - Blocbox