Parcel close protection

What is Blocbox ?

BlocBox is made with fibers tacked which shape an expansive wadding, ideal in order to fill empty spaces and protect the products during shipment. BlocBox is an economical, eco-friendly and protective material, made in France, certified 100% recycled and recyclable.

Blocbox was designed to withstand extrem conditions of vibration, shock and compression. Its physical and mechanical properties have been tested during crash tests in accordance with situations reproducing the stress parcels actually encounter during transport and delivery!

Resistant to settling and temperature variations, Blocbox guarantees you an exemplary image which will contribute to the satisfaction rate of recipients, in particular by its lightness and pleasant texture.

It reduces your litigation rate while it optimizes your operating costs!

Where does Blocbox come from ?

Blocbox was born in France in 2018 from a general consensus: the need to rethink eco-responsibility in e-commerce and supply chain sectors. Blocbox then established itself as an economically interesting cushioning material, respectful of the products transported and the environment.


The certification labels

Blocbox meets the requirements of the new independent labels “Protection Efficiency” and “Sustainable Sourcing”. To reach these demands, Blocbox has been audited by an independent company which has tested its characteristics according to strict specifications.

The “Protection Efficiency” label aims to faithfully transpose the stress that parcels can undergo in a broad-spectrum of situations and according to a precise procedure.

The “Sustainable Sourcing” label controls the eco-friendly characteristics of the product, certifying that it has been designed from materials of natural origin and / or recycled ones.


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